why sanatanihindu ,

why i brought in this redundancy? is it that unconsciously i did this?this is the dilemma most young hindus are faced with like most hindus of my  earlier generation.the word hindu  or sindhu (1) is so much prevalent from the time of  alexander the great.even then you will not find in any ancient indian literatures dating back to 1000 years or earlier that word used to describe ourselves as a majority community of some religious identity.probably by the time india got introduced to english and under their rule it became a easy nomenclature with which we associate  ourselves with ease, comfort & pride.that is hardly 200 years back (2).But this association was relatively without any pride or feeling of oneness with the rest of several hundred millions of hindus.Hindus celebrated the same festivals at the same Time or at other infusing that with their local culture or gods.this applies to most hindu festivals like Deepavali, sankaranthi etc.there was no underlying cohesion among the hindu communities spread from kashmir to kanyakumari. we were hindus  and yet still separate.Language further accentuated this. All these multitude of diversity with which we hindus were blessed  itself could be the reason the cohesion in the majority community was & is lacking till today.

The Anglicized word Hindu remained as a word without any great energy to coalize the majority community .This probably suited the british educated indian elite of earilertimes to the lestists from the nehruvian era to exploit the word “HINDU” and associate it with sterile character. this word became to be associated with the word “SECULARISM”  as if they were some doppelganger word.

The the principle of separation of the state from religious institutions OR “secularism ” is a much misused word all over the world.Most countries which use it freely have given a free run to islamic fundamentalism eg: Turkey & INDIA.

i want to sign off now & elaborate on this “hindusanatani ” in my latter blogs  hope i will get some feedback from fellow hindusanatanis on this journey

jai shri krishna




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  1. Brilliantly Articulated. Most people who actually bash Hinduism, do so, with out actually understanding the very basic concept called Hinduism.
    The so called group of few inconsequential intellects in India, do make rhetoric comments for sake of few seconds of TV time and unfortunately it has become a fashion statement to put down the most tolerant thought process called Hinduism..

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