savarkar and Secularism



My last blog ended with a statement that that past history of india is existential to continue this topic that how Secularism has damaged the politics and the society in india. we have to travel back to the past seventy years to know why india could be  at a cusp of change now that could sooner than latter might see a freshly written constitution to reflect the realities of the day.

Secularism – a doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations did the exact opposite in india.It became a misnomer and a powerful tool in the hands of left liberal and parochial regional political out fits to confuse, instigate different section of society in terms of faith and caste to garner votes.Even  Dravidian parties freely used it for the same end. This secular word divided the political parties as secular and communal as if it had some constitutional or moral validity. All parties other than shiv sena and BJP were classified as secular / धर्मनिरपेक्ष पार्टी  and BJP and shiv sena were termed communal सांप्रदायिक पार्टी. when  the basis of this separation ” us and them ” is so arbirary and irrational , no wonder  division and dissatisfaction in the country started seeping in and this 70 years of damage has created such a fissure between communities , bridging of that by  by any new political narrative or leader is hopeless.Though the ruling BJP at the center is forced to toe this same line of Secularism as not to offend the sencibilities of minorities of more than 200 million of population, the same  do not reciprocate  that to the remaining billion and odd majority hindus. And puts the  onus of  keeping  alive this untenable secular monster on hindu community. this is grossly unfair.when indian supreme court itself has upheld hindutva is not an ideology or faith but is a cultural identity, it  automatically devolves on the minority community to fall under that cultural ambit.They cannot have their loyalty to papal rome,various overseas denomination of christian faith and to Saudi Arabia.This constant them versus us and tilting at imaginary windmills has diverted the societies attention from pressing subjects like, health, education, social security and most of all national security and defence. Each of these above  subjects were constantly tested with the secular constant, never allowing them to grow to their full potential.So  time has  come to decide what has Secularism brought to the table ?

If  we have to bring India under the hindutva cultural ambit it is  important to bring in the name of, “VEER SAVARKAR “ (1) who in 1922 first propounded this Hindutva ideology, which has been consistantly upheld by indian supreme court that hindutva is a ” way of life “ not any faith and is the basis for Dr Hegdewars ideology and the basis BJP  and sangh feels india should be united

QUOTE( 1995 judgment, the Supreme Court of India ruled that “Ordinarily, Hindutva is understood as a way of life or a state of mind and is not to be equated with or understood as religious Hindu fundamentalism … it is a fallacy and an error of law to proceed on the assumption … that the use of words Hindutva or Hinduism per se depicts an attitude hostile to all persons practising any religion other than the Hindu religion … It may well be that these words are used in a speech to promote secularism or to emphasise the way of life of the Indian people and the Indian culture or ethos, or to criticise the policy of any political party as discriminatory or intolerant. ) “


Hope many who has not had the opportunity to read about Savarkar’s idea of hindutva should make an effort to do so. The man has been vilified by indian leftists and left leaning intellectuals and politicians who use the secular word to divide the indian society. He is far from regressive and divisive and what Savarkar said in 1922 applies now more than ever almost 100 years latter. If young people for whom Savarkar is only a name should make an effort to read the short book, “Essentials Of Hindutva”.what all he say may be not agreeable and right and fully implementable, still his writing forms the basis to redefine India.India has to shake itself of the western tthought process and draw its strength from thousands of years ancient wisdom and still could be a beacon of hope to the troubled world.Time has come to unify india under one cultural ambit of hindutva nad still free to practise individual faiths without any restriction bar conversions.this will put rest to all the communal undercurrents in the country.

Though the sources of the terms Hindu and Hinduism are same the gist and sence are vastly different.The detractors can’t throw a false argument that hindutva is a tool to impose the hindu hegemony. The supreme court, which the liberals quote whenever it is convenient to them has upheld hindutva is a cultural identity and hinduism is different. That means who all reside in india irrespective of their personal beliefs are under the cultural umbrella of hindutva. All that reside in the sovereign country of india practicing different faiths should fall under this broad cultural ambit and should be allowed to have complete liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. with a rider no freedom to convert any one to any faith.Only way ahead  is a major overhaul of the preamble to the constitution and other related sections which take strength from there.




Constitutions are not sacred, they are written by men and hence are open for refinement and even change as the time passes by.The will of the parliament is supreme and will override judiciary which cannot be an arbitrator in that eventual process when that happens.Democracy is not a fossilized creature destined for museum exhibit, It is an evolving live organisim consisting of the people who propel it. The time has come to drop this secular word from indian constitutional lexicon.At the same time i am not advocating india should become a theocratic state. There are enough examples how regressive those states have become.Since Hindutva is unique to india the new constitution should reflect it. A constitution that is based on a way of life of a civilization is way better than any that is based and drawn on laws enacted by men of the past few centuries.

Mohan Bhagwat inaugurates “Future of Bharat: An RSS perspective” 17/09/2018

while writing this blog Bhgawatjis address and boycott by the liberal secular crowd made me add this to my blog. i will continue my next blog with Dr Hedgewar and Secularism