Abhijit Aiyer Arrested & Are Hindu gods Under Threat ?

In Brihad Aryanaka Upanishad in part 6, chapter 2, and part 6, chapter 4 ,yagnavalkya goes in graphic details about sex and practices to procreate. Now one can find multiple translation and meanings as Sanskrit language gives scopes for that and go on a long-convoluted trip of arguing about sexual freedom in explicit and implicit terms to suit ones way of arguments or get repulsed by the scriptures or One can go on by quoting from ithihasas, puranas and epic on this subject to buttress the for and against arguments.Hindu tradition is not prudish, it became one to defend itself against islamic invaders in the almost 1000 years of violent onslaught.It is time politicians and other self-appointed defenders of Hindu Dharma to keep off and let hindus themselves to decide what hurts and doesn’t their sensibilities.

Hinduism or sanatan dharma which has been around for several thousand years doesn’t need any one to defend it.But sex was not a taboo nor it lays strictures how one talks about that in public or private. The so called dharmic self-appointed defenders are aghast at Abhijit Aiyers flippant take on konarak.There are enough description of sex in graphic terms in our traditions and kavi kalidasa has also done enough justice to this subject. Hindus who feel Aiyer has insulted hindu gods should be reminded, Aiyar himself is a hindu and he has every right to express his opinions however flippant it may sound to others.Sri Ram doesnt need mere mortals to defend him.

I hope these defenders of Hindu gods would be equally aghast and upset about the way the same gods and Hindu dharma under attack from all quarters. In odisha conversion of tribals are taking place by rice bag missionaries who encourage them to demolish small temples and shrines to Hindu gods and put up shrines to Mother mary and jesus. Do these very people stand up to defend Hindu gods? Then they throw up the secular arguments to defend the the culprits as the converted could become a vote bank for them.

I am giving below series of infringement into Hindu way of life by Christians and their missionaries in several parts of south India, why politicians of all hue including BJP quite about these, but very hurt by Aiyar?


Mary with infant jesus as a tribal in Jahrkhand and the telling inverted OM on the cross


why is jesus floating in the air with Krishna?

temple churches

churches built as south indian temples with cross on top to confuse converts


Jesus sitting on five hooded snake ( adisesha?) and surya namaskar


Mother Mary with infant jesus morphed as baby vinayaka

Above images are shocking , aren’t they? Would any indian politician get offended by these? or are they only offended by the video posted by Aiyer which in no way a threat to hinduism or to any hindu gods.Time has come for indian law enforcing officials and indian politicians to get on with what they are entrusted to do. Not harass any citizen on such flimsy ground.