Konarak Non Incident

I would like to take it up from my last blog about Konarak and Aiyer. There is so much of activity on social media for and against the man. Also so much wisdom on the topic written in all kinds of media. Aiyer is no great hero nor he is any influencer of sort to herd any narrative. Is the issue about Aiyer hurting Hindu sensibilities? or  Is it something more.

Quote HT,  “ A Odisha police team from Konark arrived at Delhi’s Nizamuddin police station this morning with an arrest warrant against Iyer-Mitra, a friend of former Biju Janata Dal MP Baijayant Panda, accusing him of deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings, using words, deliberately intended to wound the religious feelings of any person, promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion under the Indian Penal Code and under section 66 of Information Technology Act.” Another report by an orriya daily quote, “The police booked Iyer under Section 295 (A) of the IPC (Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings or any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs). “

First let us address this religious issue excuse, this is a well orchestred move by the goons of odisha CM Naveen Patnaik to cut to size his erstwhile friend and  co -founder of Biju Janata Dal MP Baijayant Panda. Aiyer could have  said worst things and got away. But the  his proximity to  Pandagot him in trouble.His mistake was not  what he said , what he said came handy to fix Panda as a uncaring, irreverent person  who encouraged  Aiyer to say and write  things to hurt the Oriyya  swabhiman. Now we know where all this is leading, Indian politicians love this swabhiman, hurting religious sentiment and insulting language narratives to whip up passions of the ever ready  numbers of  illiterate mobs  to get votes. The  champion of secularism Navin Patnaik who broke alliance with the “communal BJP” on the same line of issues saying  that BJP was hurting the religious sentiments of the converted Christians and the rice bag missionaries.He is  now using similar political line to get Hindu votes. He is now the new champion on the block in Odisha for the Hindus.Indian politicians change the communal / secular mask with ease.

Now I would like to get Back to the “SECULAR “word. If Naveen Patnaik is a truly secular (whatever that means) leader, he should not have bothered about what Aiyer said as the people who are champions of  secularisim  also claim they are champions of FOE. Now by hauling up this man, (who at best one  can call stupid and irreverant. Aiyer  should have known the likely reactions to his video and tweets in India) Now arresting  Aiyer on sec295 (A)  Patnaik has become communal.

India has many archaic laws and the worst among them are the above in the second paragraph. As I have narrated so much is going against Hindus in India day in and out. Their customs and beliefs ridiculed and vilified, conversions by Muslims and Christians openly encouraged to garner votes in elections, anti-national forces and Islamic terrorists openly courted and supported for the very same ends. Even openly anti Hindu organizations like PETA encouraged to denigrate and campaign against Hindu customs  , to get  electoral benifits.

Example of Indias secularism :

Mamata Banerjis minister Sidiqullah chowdry says “QURAN WILL PREVAIL NOT THE LAW OR THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION “in any self-respecting country that upholds rule of law would have arrested  this man in few hours. But India is a bastion of secularism and all anti nationals are protected by that. Aiyer can be arrested for stupid frivolous comments but not a sworn minster who dismisses the very same constitution.