An Open Letter to @narendramodi JI



Dear sir,

I am great fan of you as you are the first prime minister in India who really & truly thinks of the issues faced by all sections of society, especially the have nots and the poor and tirelessly work towards addressing the issues faced by them day and night. You have achieved in the past four and half years so much compared to any other leader in the past 75 years. Your schemes are focused, and need based and are planned on long term basis and executed to fetch results.

They don’t differentiate on the faith, language and geographical areas of the people of India. Your slogans sabka sathh, sabka vikas is praiseworthy as that is the only way a nation can develop. Though many of your core Hindu supporters rightly or wrongly have so many expectations from you on certain core issues and may not be happy with you sometimes, yet a very large section of Hindus supports you because they see in you a leader who will eventually address those issues.

Today on Vijayadashami day a group of almost more than 1300 tweeples including me trended this #OurModiDelivers .. and it was todays number 2 hashtag. The subject was all the wonderful schemes by you, the delivered statistics and the results obtained through them. We intend to carry on the campaign as a   dedicated  vyuha  till 2019 elections as your supporters.

 But by evening I felt like hundreds of millions of Hindus throughout the world with what was happening in sabarimala. I wrote a blog after the supreme court verdict supporting it as I still feel woman should be equal to men. The blog was “Menstruation and Sabarimala” on WordPress blog site / still hold that view. But what happened in sabarimala today was an assault on Hindu dharma.  Two women one Rihana Fatima and the other Kavitha Jakkal of Hyderabad based Mojo TV. The intention of the two women was not purely devotional as the kerala minister himself said they were activists. the third jornalist  yeasterday was from aforeign news agency who returned back as the devottes fell at her feet and pleaded with her to go back.It was not just one hindu  who touched her feet, it was hundreds of millions of hindus. what a tragedy sir this happened  when  BJP is ruling in vasts swathes  of India.

it is unbelievable that they were given police uniforms, which is illegal and escorted to the temple doors. This has angered hundreds of millions in kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  Many of them could be BJP voters and are potential voters in 2019. Who else but you can address their rightful grievance? Faith and spirituality is intrinsic to Hindus and this act in sabarimala has hurt their aastha. I am sure millions of north Indian hindus are also upset about what happened  at sabarimala. I am nobody to advice you sir. You are a brilliant strategist. But time has come for you to fight this battle against adharma waged by forces inimical to Hindu way of life. The aggrieved are like Krishna, as rightly put by shri Bhagwatji recently, and they are your voters too.  You are the arjuna. Time has come for you to take the ghandeeva of executive power and send two ASTRAS against the adharmic forces.


Ordinance on Sabarimala

Ordinance on Shri Ram Mandir

Jai Shri ram