Was It Brahmanical Patriarchy?



courtsey-peoples group of india

i was prompted  to write this observation after  what happened couple of days back with jack Dorsey  holding a placard as his legal team on the sideline  claiming it  was simply  a gift put in his hands by some Dalit activist to insult  her fellow indians.Twitter was  on fire because so many from india and others from overseas diaspora found it offencive and as usual  there was  no  official reaction from indian government except for a insipid tweet from a joint secretary of government of india.The issue here is not any insult to any section of indian community but wilful action to undermine  unity among section of indian society and hindus in particular.

who is this dalit activist  and who is behind her?

There is a sustained but  rightful action by  Narendra Modi govt to curtail overseas funding to the missionariers NGO which are on a coversion spree.Are the conversion factories  behind the placard  incident with the covert help  from vested journlists  and some from twitterindia itself?The  crucial state  election in india  is on. The concerted effort to allienate the SC/ST voters, Brahmin voters and also the minority muslim and christian  vloters is going on full steam in india.The opposition parties instead of facing Modi on issues and policies  based platform find it easy to subvert the election process by these gorilla warfare  tactics.This is almost a throwback to the Cambridge  Anylytica saga few months back. The placard issue is a manipulated one exactly to divide the voters  the way bhima koregaon incident and the present sabharimala impasse  are being used.

Coming to the isue of Brhminical Patriarchy , i am amzed the issue is misunderstood by many in india including media saying why brahminical, and why not just patriarchy? The issue is everything to do with sowing divissiveness in society and nothing to do with patriarchy. This villification as brahmins as a community that is the fountin head of all social evils in india was an invention by west and especially christian theology dominated sections of west.These elements always wanted to  villify brahmins and sow discord in society  saying that the brahmins were the oppressors throughout the ages.This is  a ploy just to  make an entry for their christian belief system in india.They know brahmins  were and mostly still are  the traditional repositaries of scriptures, vedas and all the systems that kept the sanatanic dharmic practices alive to this day. By striking  at this fundamental stength in india  they want to weaken the sanatanic practices in india.

Many  dalit activists and many in the media are in the payroll of these conversion mafia from west, The plackard incident  involving jack was wilful and orchestrated by twitter and twitterindia.The excuse the plackard was a gift was ingeneous.one more element in this devious scheme is the point many are missing is that a saudi prince at nearly 5.2%, has a  stake in Twitter is now larger than that of Jack Dorsey.

It is now time for Modi govt to draw a redline for twitter.