An Open Letter To PM Narendramodi



Dear Sir.

India is at its crucial crossroads of its existence,the stage has to come to redefine its nature, its character, its spirit in tune with several thousands of years of its existence from  pre vedic times to now.It is time to reclaim its lost glory as it existed in the 16th century as the richest nation or a geographical area of multitude of kingdoms with their own individual  inherited histories of several thousand years.india has not come out of it colonial past even after 70 years of its existence as a free republic.the natural resources and the wealth of the nation by its vast mammoth public sector undertakings though albeit not efficient is extraordinary.Indian private enterprise has proved its ability to raise to the global standards and to act as engines of growth.What lacks is the present administrative set up,  outdated education system right from kindergarten to higher university levels, the constitution that is mostly inefficient, unfit  and mostly unworkable as it it was written based on outdated and unsuitable rules and laws, the system of multiple political parties that has no loyalty to the notion of india as a nation, but only pandering to to regional, parochial and most often based  on individuals


Time has come to change everything in india, as the word that is very dear to you, “ “Bagidari” “ PARTNERS”. Are people really that now? Human resources is the most unused and misused word in india.the indian parliament, constitution and judiciary  should be subservient to the people from whom they draw their strengths. Instead people have become subservient to these institution and governance is not by them, for them of them.  Governance has become a misused tool by few who endlessly make the lives of common people miserable at all levels.

India  a sanatanic fountainhead with great civilizational heritage is reduced today to a pathetic unworkable clone of western model  functioning.The laws and indian constitution as it exists today instead of protecting and uplifting people does exactly the opposite.The administration that is meant to make the lives of everyone comfortable , especially the weaker section of the society does everything to make it difficult. This mai bapp ki sarkar  suffocates the lives of the most vulnerable section of the society.

India with almost a billion hindus functions as a nation that suppresses the majority at the cost of protecting the minorities.the majority hindus are expected be subservient to  the minorities and the secular concept that was introduced illegally by indira gandhi has so badly divided the communities. It has become a tool in the hands of unscrupulous political parties and the minorities to exploit the majority hindu community. Why should the hindus alone be responsible for keeping the balance in the community.

For you to make a quantum change  from way india functions now to a vibrant india  that reflects its basic character of several thousands of years of culture and history  you need more than one term in governance. As it stands today with all adharmic forces that are arrayed against you in politics, judiciary and in administration  you need to come back with a much larger number than in 2014. You came to power not only in expectation that you will deliver by way of honest administration and development, you were also voted to this strength of power by vast majority of hindus who perceived you as a knight in shiny armour that will redeem their hindutva expectations.Majority hindus appreciate your slogan “ sabka saath, sabka vikas “ slogan. They see it not merely a slogan but as a effective mantra that can and is transforming india. Ram Mandir is an emotive issues with  vast majority of hindus, your party members simple claiming that is part of BJPs manifesto won’t cut any ice any more, time has come for the real temple. Simply talking about aastha is not enough.

If you bring  an ordinance and face the  election in 2019, you will have  vast majority of hindus behind you to catapult you to back in power with improved numbers to bring in the vast changes that are really needed to usher the true prosperous  and just ram rajya apart from this you may have to immediately give some sops to the vulnerable sections that has come under the jan dhan yojana.2019 is kurushetra not only for you, but also  to the billions of hindus in india, their and your future is interlinked, you will get some minority votes but most will not vote for you in spite of al, the good deliverance you have done.The vested interests and the oppositions whose status quo you have challenged will do everything under the book to undermine you  and exploit religious and caste divides to challenge you and actually may succeed in denting your prospects in are like arjuna now in the battlefield without Sri Krishna to guide you, fall back on gita on kautilya. You have to win this war conclusively or all will be lost and india will slide back this time into a further abysmal abyss and hindus will live in a permanant seige.