An Open Letter to Shri Narendramodiji.



Dear Sir, 🙏🙏

I am an inconsequential person, I don’t know whether in any sense I am qualified to address a letter to you, because you are truly a “Yug Purush” Yet I felt as I am a great admirer of your leadership qualities, I can take the liberty to write this open letter to you.

In the free history of India there has never been a leader like you. You gave hope and direction to billions of Indians with your slogan,” Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas.” It was truly a Shank Naadh towards inclusion of all Indians irrespective of their personal beliefs of faith, caste or social standings. It was a visionary call that immediately touched millions of hearts of Indians. when you addressed the Hunkar Rally on October 2013, in Patna, a bomb went off to kill  you, you fortunately  came out unhurt and gave  a clarion  call for Hindu Muslim unity to fight poverty and raise together towards a better prosperous future as a united community . That message was largely lost on minorities . Muslims by and large failed  emotionally integrate with the idea of India as a nation for all Indians. The partition was always an unfinished agenda for the Muslims who stayed back in India. Most stayed back in India as they couldn’t simply afford to take the arduous emigration at that time. The claim that they stayed back because they believed this as their karmabhoomi  is only a fortuitous argument now.

The so-called Indian liberals, leftists, communal entities, almost all denomination of Christian and Muslim community including their clergy never believed in you right from the word go as all of them wanted the status quo. You were trying to disrupt the well-oiled machinery of “you scratch my back , I will scratch yours ” caucus. It never suited them that you came refreshingly with slogans to unite all Indians under one nationhood. They condemned that honest effort of yours as imposition of “Hindutva “whatever that word meant to them. instead of viewing you as a disruptor who came to unite Indians and create prosperity for all irrespective of which faith who belonged to, the above forces saw you as an intruder into their never-ending parties of personal politics of vote bank fiefdoms. Their hatred for you, BJP, SANGH & RSS was there for all to see.This hatred went as for as to refuse to sing the national anthem, the national song and to say vande mataram. the last three were hatefully asssociated with hindus.The sudden waving of indian tiranga and singing of national anthem  by likes of Assaudin owaissi  after screaming there is nothing more sacred than allah and they wanted jinnah wali azadi, whatever that means  is simply to hoodwink western and the indian MSM.Muslims want india to be cut into pieces  again and at the same time claim that they are patriotic.The same muslim clergy and whole lot of muslims refused to sing the national anthem all these years.

Muslims always professed  their loyalty to their Ummah and the Christians either to catholic, protestant or evangelical denominations and to their benefactors and controllers of funds from western countries. The false narrative of “secularism “suited their agenda as it was on its back all these groups were making their existence. Maybe  you tried  to gloss over it in the hope  over a period of time their hatred towards BJP, SANGH and to you as well as to the majority Hindu community will diminish and they will all join the mainstream of Indian nation, whose foundation was ‘Sarvadharma Sambhava “

That basis is the nature of Hindus and Hindus alone and the others whom you were hoping will embrace it with your appeal of “sabka saath sabka vikas “never believed in that. Even before the word “secularism “was needlessly introduced into the constitution by the congress party with the help of left, Hindu community was always tolerant to a fault by nature. The undercurrent to the present-day impasse over CAA by Muslims,Christians and the so-called liberals who are against it as their vested interest is being undermined by your effort to weave all communities together. You and Sangh knew that, even RSS under Mohan Bhagvatji and your party under your leadership went to extreme lengths to reinforce the message of unity of all communities. When you formulated any beneficial   schemes it was always inclusive, there was no “Bhed bhav “yet election after many elections these forces united to defeat you in many states and the recent one was Delhi election2020.

This defeat in Delhi was expected as the Muslim community which hated you for bringing in Triple Talaq, abrogation of article 370 ( their ummah was threatened by it,  indian Muslims did not share  your views that Kashmir should be integrated with India and Kashmiris should get the same benefits and freedom like the rest in India did ) and the supreme court verdict on Ram Mandir which again was not your executive decision but a judicial verdict was adding to their simmering discontent and hatred. It would be naïve for anyone to say that you and your government did not go the extra lenghth to assuage the apprehension of these groups. As an elected prime minister who has taken a constitutional oath to uphold the same and integrity of the nation, you did reach out to them. Yet they acted as if that was not enough. They wanted you to roll back CAA as it did not include Muslims from Afghanistan, Pakistan & Bangla Desh. Shaeenbagh and similar protests which violently advocating Azadi was an open call for partition of the country again.

You will now never get any meaningful support from these two communities as they see CAA the way they want to see. Any number declarations you make that it is not about taking away citizenship will not make a difference. Sooner or later you have to bring in certain legislations like the following to consolidate the majority Hindu community for whom many of the following steps are their expectation from you and your government.


uniform civil code.

freeing of all Hindu temples from government control and handing them over to the community.

Legislation on NPR

Laws regulating the number of children a family can have

Laws to direct the states that scarce funds from respective public exchequer of individual states cannot be distributed as freebies across the board without any economic criteria.

Laws to stop all conversions as all the time these are always by inducements.        

Hindus and to a large extent die hard supporters of BJP and fence sitters who would rather see a BJP led Hindu nationalist government in the center would like to see a consolidation of India as one nation. The unfinished agenda of partition and almost 70 years of directionless India makes this large block of Indian citizens uncomfortable with uncertainty. They expect you to complete the process of that consolidation. You don’t have choice before you as that is the expectation that propelled you into victory both in 2014 and 2019.You don’t have that luxury to be left of center as that experiment miserably failed in India and  is the root cause of all the problems the nation is facing today.

Hindu community though largely stands by you on national issues but when it comes to state issues they vote differently as the state leadership of BJP either at top level or at their assembly to block level fails to live up to the people’s aspirations. The recent loss in Delhi election was to the fact there was no one to be pitted against Kejriwal. You can’t be the main contender to any opposition party leaders in state elections. Most of MLAs & MPs win on the magic of your name, but invariably many fail to deliver. This has to be addressed. A large percentage of Hindus who voted for APP did that because they got free power, water and bus tickets. if not for these voters BJP might have bridged the gap. The BJP trolls on social media & badly made you tube videos caricaturing kejariwal and Rahul Gandhi don’t decide elections. The real Hindu voters of BJP and the Hindu voters of Congress, NCP, shiv sena and other small parties should be the target in future for the upcoming elections in the states of Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, west Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Gujarat, Manipur Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir in the next two years. Any administrative shortcomings in any areas of interest in Uttar Pradesh has to be analyzed and addressed immediately as without the same kind of momentous victory of last time assembly election it will be difficult to repeat 2019 in 2024.   BJP has to win these states or make a huge difference there. please address the above bloc of voters, address their aspirations, get to the last voter in the booths and more than anything gives them sops. AAP has proved more than once when it comes to local elections national pride, foreign policy doesn’t  matter and Hindu voters are vulnerable for sops. Compared to any other developed country an average Indian spends more units of currency on food, shelter, travel, education, goods like fridge, microwave ovens, color TVs which are necessary for modern way of life. An average Indian has hardly any liquidity left to manage all this. This factor has to be addressed. The economy has distressed, and since people don’t have deep pockets to spend, you have to seriously think of doing away with income tax on most salaried class up to a certain level so that immediately large sums of money is released to increase consumption. This can be undertaken as a short-term step for few years till industrial production of consumer goods and consumption stabilizes.  There will not be a second chance either to BJP or to you or to your successors if you fail to galvanize Hindu voters en bloc to vote for BJP in the coming elections. The recent election in Delhi has proved the extra 10 % voters in BJPs kitty is directly due to Hindu voters. Time the majority communities’ concerns are addressed. You and Amit Shah ji with the help from Sangh can easily do this.