Hindus, Castes, and secularism

Before India got its independence, it was Still several hundreds of large and small kingdoms governing present-day Pakistan's areas to the borders of Myanmar. But the majority population at that time, as even now, were mostly Hindus. The belief system practiced in this geographical area is called Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism, roughly translated, a way … Continue reading Hindus, Castes, and secularism

Mahaprasthanika-Parva-Book of the journey.

Dharma's Journey with the Dog Mahaprasthanika-parva - Ascension to Swargaloka / Heavens by pandavas { commentaries are my personal understanding of what i have read, i have no intention to hurt the sentiments of any one who may haveĀ  a validĀ  and a differant understanding } (picture-curtsey-Maharaj Mahatab ChandBahadur-1820-1870) ( Pandavas are the protogonists of … Continue reading Mahaprasthanika-Parva-Book of the journey.